Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Four Cities in Four Countries on Our Fourth Year As A Couple!

September 22, 2016 - September 21, 2017 is our Fourth (4th) pit stop in our Journey to Forever! This means that everything we do for the whole year has something to do with flowers, fruits, appliances and has to be counted up to FOUR times. All right, we know Albert Einstein's saying that "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts", but we count nonetheless and that counts for us!!!

So for our four (4) years of marital bliss, we visited 4 cities in 4 countries together! Read on to see why these places made to the cut this year!!!

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica
December 10-19, 2016

SAN JOSE is the capital and the largest city of COSTA RICA, the country we love because we truly feel PURA VIDA ("pure life") - as life revolves slowly, peacefully (no army), eco-friendly, and healthily! 

Four Anniversary Finds 
(anything related to four, flowers, fruits, or Philippine flag colors)

Casados - which means "married" in English is Costa Rican' (or Ticos') traditional meal with four (4) essential ingredients - rice, beans, meat (i.e. chicken, pork or beef) and pasta (or greens). According to a local legend, casados would typically be served to newlyweds because the new couple does not know each other's taste in food yet so various foods are served in one plate so the couple could find their favorite dish!

Toucans - are the flashy, most colorful birds in Central America and we are lucky to spot the toucans in the picture above with our Philippine flag color motifs of white,red, yellow and blue! The toucans are easily the most recognizable birds because of its bills which the toucans use to reach fruits and berries from thin branches!

Flowers - are every where in Costa Rica! In fact, there are several species and they are so magnificent that others find it difficult to choose which one to love. For me, the choice was easy, because I will always fall in love with Red Ginger (four times over now) lol.

Nahua Chocolates - Red and I both love Chocolates and a tour of a chocolate factory is a must - travel tradition. In Costa Rica, it means a visit to its leading brand of fine artisan chocolate called Nahua (pronounced / na: wa:/). So my question, is cocoa a fruit? And this link said, "it is the fruit of a bean of a seed that comes from a nut"!All right, I get it!lol

BOGOTA, Colombia
June 9-16, 2017
BOGOTA is the capital and the largest city of COLOMBIA, where we chose to celebrate our fourth engagement anniversary last June 12, 2017

Four Must - Do Activities or Travel Traditions  
(from matching shirt to watching a movie to climbing the highest peak, etc.)

Wearing our matching couple shirt, we arrived at the El Dorado International Airport, the best airport in South America in 2016 and 2017 with a four-star certification from Skytrax. The welcome signage says that "Colombia is home to 20% of orchid species in the planet" and that's one big reason we chose Colombia for our flower -themed wedding anniversary

Cerro Monserrate, a mountain with an amazing view of the city is the venue for another must - travel tradition - i.e. climb the highest point in the country we are visiting! We went to Cerro de Monserrate by train (funicular) on our way up and by cable car (telesferico) on our way down! 

Centro Commercial Gran Estacion is a huge mall very near our accommodation and this is the venue for another must- travel tradition - i.e. watch a movie when visiting another country. And since it was our 4th engagement anniversary that day and I love Tom Cruise (who looks like hubby anyway !lol), we watched "La Momia" (The Mummy) in 4D

Bolivar Square (Plaza de Bolivar), a main tourist attraction in Bogota, as its name implies, has four sides surrounded by four historical buildings: the Palace of Justice on the northern edge and the National Capitol borders the square in the south. The Primary Cathedral of Bogota and the Lievano Palace, seat of the mayor of Bogota  are situated on the eastern and western side respectively.

July 22-24, 2017

TIJUANA is the largest city in Baja California and the border town between MEXICO and the United States. I feel I really belong in this city because I could see both of my surnames "Isidro" and "Ojeda" all over the place! In fact, we used the San Isidro Pedestrian Facility, the busiest land border crossing in the world for our first ever border crossing on foot! 
from Mexico side to US side through
San Isidro Pedestrian Crossing

Cinepolis Plaza Rio is a movie theater chain with 4DX state - of - the art sound and projection technology  where you can experience live effects in movements, sound and wind.  We watched Transformer to check off our travel tradition of watching a movie when visiting another country. 

California, USA
October 8, 2016 - September 21, 2017