Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wedding Events

9 AM – 10:30 AM
Temple Sealing. A sacred ceremony where Raymond and I will take each other as husband & wife, not only for time (until death) but for eternity   (if we are true to the covenants we make in the temple.)

10:30 AM – 12NN
Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception
For hugs, kisses, video and photographs with the Bride and Groom after the temple ceremony. This is a cocktail lunch so standing room only.

3PM – 7PM
Ring Ceremony & Wedding Reception
Since wedding rings are not part of the Temple Sealing, we will have our exchange of rings (without the vows). There will be the ‘walking down the aisle’ and wedding spectacles as we share the beautiful doctrine of a forever family, followed by a Buffet Dinner along with wedding festivities that are uniquely us.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Searching and Finding The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue!

We decided on a September 21, 2013 wedding to commemorate the day that Raymond and I have last seen each other in 1991. We also know that it is the anniversary of Martial Law but that's beside the point lol, except that it's a holiday and fell on a Saturday (so my friends and guests will be available to attend!). But with only a little over three (3) months before the big day and with a budget considerations, searching for a reception venue was so challenging for us. We need to find an affordable venue that is available on our chosen date.

Glass Garden in Marikina

We are from Valenzuela and intended to have a temple wedding ceremony in Quezon City, so we initially checked event venues around the Metro like Love of Light, Glass Garden, Gazeebo Royale,Ibarra's Garden,Acropolis Clubhouse, and Corinthian Garden Clubhouse.

Love of Light Garden in Sta. Mesa, Manila

All the wedding venues we checked so far are nice, but there's nothing that prompted me to make exceptions as to the budget constraint. I'm looking for a place that offers more in terms of attractions that guests could check out before or after attending our wedding events.

That's when my hubby - to-be thought of Tagaytay and I couldn't but agree. The City of Tagaytay is a component city in the province of Cavite and only an hour or so away from Manila. Because of its cooler climate, stunning views of Taal Volcano in the middle of the Taal Lake(in Batangas), unique attractions and its proximity to our new residence in Silang, Cavite, Tagaytay is our runaway choice as venue for our wedding events.

Estancia Hotel Resort in Tagaytay City

We checked several wedding reception venues like hotels, restaurants, and clubhouses that fit our wedding budget and is available on September 21, 2013. We couldn't be more happier in stumbling upon Estancia Hotel Resort. With its big uniquely designed rooms and close to nature location, Estancia Hotel Resort lives up to its Spanish name which means stay, large room or ranch in English!