Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Wedding Day Looks by The Ellis Effect!

photo taken by Alain Atienza Tagpuno at our
Executive Room in Estancia Hotel Resort
Getting sick a few days before our big day added a ton to my already overwhelming wedding related anxieties.  My eyes have dark circles and are puffy due to a week-long sickness. Worst, I am not fond of make ups and have not worn any mascara or false eyelashes before so I was all teary - eyed when I had my make up trial run with Xairene a week before my wedding. Unfortunately, the trial make - up duo did not set in well as it was quite heavy according to my friends.

I became more worried. My eyes are worst than they were during the trial run, so I'm not sure how Xairene would be able to hide the bulges. She gave me another trial so she could work around my heavy eye bags. One of the looks was already acceptable to friends if I remove my false eyelashes.

photo courtesy of Tyrene Ellis Orais

Two (2) days before the event, Xairene got a job offer that made her unavailable on our wedding day and she was constrained to back out. Luckily though, my hubby-to-be Raymond, came across with his former office mate at Convergys, and she now happens to be an accomplished make - up artist.

Tyrene Ellis Orais is a freelance make up artist behind The Ellis Effect.She lives and works in Cavite & Manila, and has worked with top models, celebrities and clients for their bridal look. I only met her on the actual wedding day at Estancia Hotel Resort but the connection was instant! She is very pleasant and pretty. I had a first taste of an airbrush make - up, and her colleague Mary Praisen Obrique did my hair. 

picture taken by our official photographer Alain Atienza Tagpuno

I feel really beautiful and confident with my looks. Tired eyes are gone and I truly feel like I am a star of my wedding!


  1. Your make up was superb...You looked fresh and beautiful. She enhanced your good looks.

    1. thank you ate Cynthia. It was not only beautiful, but it also felt light. I didn't feel teary eyed when she was putting it on me! it was worth the expense!!