Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Journey Cake by Raquel Delos Santos

photo by Alain Atienza Tagpuno
The wedding cake has always been the star of every wedding since it is believed to be a fertility symbol. It became a tradition to pile up several small cakes, one on top of the other, as high as they could, and the bride and groom would kiss over the tower and try not to knock it down. If they were successful, it meant a lifetime of prosperity.

While I do not want to be traditional, I really like our wedding cake to be a star and reflect our story. I thought of a Cake  that will showcase our two decades journey as a couple. 
Photo by Mc Joseph Casimiro

So Our Journey Cake was born! It was a love gift from my baker friend Raquel Delos Santos. I have always love Ate Raquel's cakes (and she even taught me how to bake), so I was thrilled that she is gifting us our wedding cake! 

The idea is to have a four - layered white fondant cake, with a road to symbolize our journey. In each layer is a vehicle in our color motifs - Philippine Flag of red, blue, yellow and white. On the first layer is a blue jeepney since Raymond and I met on June 12, 1991 inside the University of the Philippines Diliman campus and the UP Ikot jeepney there was blue. After two decades of separation, we met again on June 29, 2012 and Raymond visited me at home with his white motorcycle. Since then we have been together aboard our red SUVs and our goal is to buy a yellow Genesis coupe as Managers of Forever Living!

Thank you ate Raquel for this thoughtful and meaningful gift!

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