Saturday, October 5, 2013

Attendants and Their Dresses: Mismatched But Trendy & Cohesive!

Because we are quite old (but look young lol) when we got married, we wanted to forget tradition and not have attendants to stand by our side during our wedding. But I felt that I owe my single friends some kind of participation in the biggest day of my life, more than just being there to give us gifts. So finally, I decided to have five (5) bridesmaids - Tes Calingacion, Marie Olivare, Del Ocado, Aimee Fernandez & Charina Jornacion and five (5) groomsmen - Jomar Ramiso, Leonilo Cabuyao, Aries Leonor, Mc Joseph Casimiro, and Aaron King Fernandez.

Despite my hesitation for having attendants, I was very sure that I want our bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their dresses! With their varied ages, tastes and styles, however, it would be a daunting task to satisfy each of the girls and still have a cohesive attendants' look on our big day. The solution? I provided each of the girls with the fabric (in the same color) and I let them choose their own styles!(and their own tailor and paid for their dresses as well! lol). The result was amazing as the girls look beautiful, confident and radiant during our big day!

For the groomsmen, I provided each of them with the vest in the same fabric and color as the bridesmaids and neckties in either red, blue or yellow colors. And to complete the Philippine Flag motif ensemble, the groomsmen were asked to wear their long sleeved white polo and black pants! The groomsmen were handsome in their own right!

And our wedding? Well, it is trendy (and didn't cost us much!). Yes, mismatched attendants' dresses are "in"!

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