Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Wedding Favors is Forever!

When I say that our guests' favors at our wedding is Forever, I mean that literally! Yes, we have given away souvenirs from Forever Living Products (FLP) where Raymond and I are recognized managers since April 2013. These natural and organic products are not only functional and useful gifts, but they also get along perfectly with "Our Journey to Forever" wedding theme!

For our female guests, we gave away Forever Aloe Lips (P189.38 retail price)put inside a small satin pouch in either red, blue, yellow and white (our Philippine Flag inspired color motifs) (P5.00). Forever Aloe Lips is more than just a lip balm! They are my handy solution /companion (aside from Red!) to ensure kissable lips (lol), and provide soothing relief for cold sores, insect bites and cuts because of its pure aloe vera ingredient.

For male guests, we gave away Forever Hand Sanitizers(P188.70 Each w/o the discount), also in Philippine Flag-inspired colored pouches. The Aloe Hand Sanitizer is another must-have for me and Red in our journeys! Oh, how I love its lemon and lavender scent! And because it is pure aloe vera, our male friends are sure to go germ - free while their skin are moisturized because of its honey.!

For our principal sponsors, we gifted them either with Forever Moisturizing Lotion (P513.16), Forever Aloe MSM Gel (P1,113.90), Aloe Heat Lotion (P513.16) and Forever Aloe Jojoba Shampoo (P604.80).

Our Wedding Favors may appear too expensive for "giveaways" but our guests are very special (and have traveled a great deal to attend our wedding)so we don't mind spending a little more on favors!

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