Monday, October 21, 2013

First Month-sary As A Couple: Paper!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda - Isidro

"Here's to a joyous marriage and a sweet forever" - Haidi 

It is our first month as a couple so I kick-off a monthly blog post of  our month-sary celebrations following the same theme ideas as that of wedding anniversaries. So for our first month-sary, there could be no better gift than a book - What We Wish We’d Known When We Were Newlyweds by John Bytheway courtesy of our friend Haidi Fajardo, since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper!

We plan on reading this book throughout our marriage and heed its advice that - “Marriage isn’t any big thing, it’s a lot of little things. Acts of kindness every day create a happy marriage.” 

Following the advice, we received and gifted each other a lot of little paper things that truly made our first month-sary a day to remember. We received a box of Krispy Kremes from Elder and Sister Staton, a free Rudy Project watch from Canon, a box of Swiss Miss chocolates for Red, a box of make - up set for me and a simple flat iron for us when we are staying at our home in Nuvali. 

Honey, cheers to ten (10) more, simple yet happy month-saries, before we celebrate our first year of marital bliss! I love you!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Wedding Favors is Forever!

When I say that our guests' favors at our wedding is Forever, I mean that literally! Yes, we have given away souvenirs from Forever Living Products (FLP) where Raymond and I are recognized managers since April 2013. These natural and organic products are not only functional and useful gifts, but they also get along perfectly with "Our Journey to Forever" wedding theme!

For our female guests, we gave away Forever Aloe Lips (P189.38 retail price)put inside a small satin pouch in either red, blue, yellow and white (our Philippine Flag inspired color motifs) (P5.00). Forever Aloe Lips is more than just a lip balm! They are my handy solution /companion (aside from Red!) to ensure kissable lips (lol), and provide soothing relief for cold sores, insect bites and cuts because of its pure aloe vera ingredient.

For male guests, we gave away Forever Hand Sanitizers(P188.70 Each w/o the discount), also in Philippine Flag-inspired colored pouches. The Aloe Hand Sanitizer is another must-have for me and Red in our journeys! Oh, how I love its lemon and lavender scent! And because it is pure aloe vera, our male friends are sure to go germ - free while their skin are moisturized because of its honey.!

For our principal sponsors, we gifted them either with Forever Moisturizing Lotion (P513.16), Forever Aloe MSM Gel (P1,113.90), Aloe Heat Lotion (P513.16) and Forever Aloe Jojoba Shampoo (P604.80).

Our Wedding Favors may appear too expensive for "giveaways" but our guests are very special (and have traveled a great deal to attend our wedding)so we don't mind spending a little more on favors!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Attendants and Their Dresses: Mismatched But Trendy & Cohesive!

Because we are quite old (but look young lol) when we got married, we wanted to forget tradition and not have attendants to stand by our side during our wedding. But I felt that I owe my single friends some kind of participation in the biggest day of my life, more than just being there to give us gifts. So finally, I decided to have five (5) bridesmaids - Tes Calingacion, Marie Olivare, Del Ocado, Aimee Fernandez & Charina Jornacion and five (5) groomsmen - Jomar Ramiso, Leonilo Cabuyao, Aries Leonor, Mc Joseph Casimiro, and Aaron King Fernandez.

Despite my hesitation for having attendants, I was very sure that I want our bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their dresses! With their varied ages, tastes and styles, however, it would be a daunting task to satisfy each of the girls and still have a cohesive attendants' look on our big day. The solution? I provided each of the girls with the fabric (in the same color) and I let them choose their own styles!(and their own tailor and paid for their dresses as well! lol). The result was amazing as the girls look beautiful, confident and radiant during our big day!

For the groomsmen, I provided each of them with the vest in the same fabric and color as the bridesmaids and neckties in either red, blue or yellow colors. And to complete the Philippine Flag motif ensemble, the groomsmen were asked to wear their long sleeved white polo and black pants! The groomsmen were handsome in their own right!

And our wedding? Well, it is trendy (and didn't cost us much!). Yes, mismatched attendants' dresses are "in"!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Wedding Photo Wall

Despite our small wedding budget, Raymond and I wanted our big day to be unique and memorable by incorporating wedding elements that would easily jump a recall to our guests. So instead of opting for photo booths which I've seen in almost all of my friends celebrations and not just weddings, I was drawn to the idea of having a personalized wedding photo wall!!
Photo Walls are quite common in many foreign weddings I've read about, but haven't really seen one here in the Philippines, at least at the weddings I have attended.
I was very happy that our ninong Pert Delacruz of Jopers Inc.(who gifted us our framed wedding invitations) just knows exactly how to construct an amazing photo wall. And he made it for us for free!
Ms. Lyra Paz immediately sent me two wallpaper designs to choose from. It was exactly what I have in mind, different picture frames design that matches our framed wedding invitation that Delfin (also of Jopers Inc.) have made for us. We chose the pink shade wallpaper and just requested to indicate the words A JOURNEY TO FOREVER Raymond & Mhe-anne September 21, 2013 Tagaytay, Philippines in the final lay out.
Our photo wall was a sure hit! Many guests have told me that it was such a great idea and their first time to see a photo wall on weddings!
For those who would like to have a wedding photo wall constructed (not for free of course haha), you may visit JOPERS INC.. Their fifteen years experience in advertizing and working with wood, acrylic,plastic, metal, wire, and multimedia assures you of a creation that are of great impact just like our personalized Wedding Photo Wall that stand out at our big day!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Twelve (12) Personal Touches For Our Wedding

Raymond and I were pretty hands on in planning our wedding so that explains why the temple, Philippine Flag, music and love for pictures stood out as main themes of our big day! Let me share Twelve (12) Personal Touches (for now!) that make our wedding unique and memorable!
1.We opted for a Philippine Flag - inspired motif for the chairs skirting and over-all look of the reception venue, not only because our wedding day fell on the anniversary of Martial Law, but it was mainly to reminisce our meet - up on Philippine Independence Day celebration in June 1991 and our engagement on the same day last June 12, 2013.
2. Estancia Hotel Resort's reception hall has the traditional all - white look that goes along with our Journey to Forever theme, a reflection of our deep desire to be married for eternity (now or a year later). To keep the elegant feel, we chose white as the over-all color for the table covers, chairs and our couple back drop, accenting only by the Philippine Flag color flowers of red, blue and yellow.
3. In keeping with the Philippine Flag inspired motif, my shoe diva friend May Merdegia Rogers gifted me with floral - painted Drusilla pumps by Nine West for that flirty statement at every step when we tied the knot!
4. Raymond always give me flowers when we were dating. On his birthdays, I'm the one who gets bouquet of flowers with a dedication that says "these flowers may fade overtime but my love for you would never ever.I love you very much".So for our wedding, we said it with flowers too! Like the Medieval tradition of a Knight wearing his Lady's colors, each flower has its own meaning. YELLOW signifies new beginnings and happiness, BLUE is the universal color of peace, truth and serenity and RED means I love You and can also mean courage and passion..
5. I carried a Crystal Ball Bouquet lained together on Magical Staff instead of the usual bridal bouquet. This go along with our Journey To Forever wedding theme since the magical staff represents the journey and the crystal ball bouquet reflects future lives together. When the crystal ball bouquet is lained together on a magical staff it signifies the union of our life together in a beautifully combined future as a couple.
6. We made photo opps more fun and exciting for our guests with personalized wedding photo wall featuring differently framed photos from our prenup shoots in Boracay, Bacolod, Nuvali and Tagaytay.
7. We chose a couple holding a picture frame for cake topper which serves as memento of our special day for years to come. The cake topper was designed by Sofia's Cakes and is consistent with our picture - framed wedding invitations and photo wall. For a more personalized look, the bride's dress was designed to look like my original wedding dress design and color of bouquet reflect our Philippine Flag motif colors of red, blue, yellow and white. The groom's attire is patterned after Raymond's suit without the vest.
8. Our "A Journey To Forever" theme is carried all through out the reception with personally designed table number place cards. I used a picture of the Manila Philippines Temple and a quotation of LDS apostle Joseph W. Whirtlin printed on framed background for a more coordinated look.
9. Our Journey Cake made for us by our good friend Raquel Delos Santos  is a four - layered white fondant cake, with a road to symbolize our journey and each layer adorned with a vehicle in our Philippine Flag - inspired colors. On the first layer is a blue jeepney since Raymond and I met on June 12, 1991 inside the University of the Philippines Diliman campus and the UP Ikot jeepney there was blue. After two decades of separation, we met again on June 29, 2012 and Raymond visited me at home with his white motorcycle. Since then we have been together aboard our red SUVs and our goal is to buy a yellow Genesis coupe as Managers of Forever Living!
10.Music played an important part in our dating years. Raymond used to bring me to Yamaha World Band Explosion concerts in 1991. When we met again last year, he serenaded me and composed songs for me that truly brought back memories of yesteryears. We used the song compositions as part of our CD that we included in the CD case wedding invitations.
11.To shows Raymond's personality as a lead soloist of the band Radio Crave and who plays the guitar very well, I had my old guitar double as a Guestbook . It was a sure hit, and a wedding must-have that is unique and didn't cost us anything.
12.True to its musical feel, our emcees Jojo wearing a GROOM tee and Alexis Aubrey Riguerra in her BRIDE shirt opened up our wedding celebration with a Glee inspired performance of “Marry You” while my nephews and nieces enters the hall with dance steps. Then for the grooms' entrance, Jojo sang "Marry Your Daughter" while Annel Faith Fernandez sang our wedding theme song "A Thousand Years" for my walk down the aisle with my parents.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Maid Of Honor: Jean Fabre Marcaida!

I knew right away that Jean Fabre Marcaida is my Maid of Honor for our wedding! She is my second mission companion while in Tayabas, Quezon and we got on like a house on fire then and after mission when she decided to work in Manila from Cagayan de Oro.

during our prenup shoot at the Manila Philippines Temple
With our names intertwined, Jean really is my alter ego who can make life easy for me during my special day [sans a wedding planner!]! She has always been the helpful type and has an eye for details, the perfect fit for a maid of honor who traditionally leads the bridesmaids, organizes pre-wedding events and stands next to the bride on the big day.

picture by the Wedding Wall
As expected, Jean lived up to her role as a Maid of Honor! She was the one who accompanied me to Ilaya, Divisoria to buy inexpensive but beautiful dresses for flower girls, ring bearers and groomsmen! She also planned an intimate belting out -to -the -tune kind of bridal shower!

with the Best Man, Franco Advincula 
During the wedding, Jean looked after my needs from cellphone loads to buying the trail mix for our pica - pica. And last but not the least, she did such a sweet wedding toast during the reception!

Thank you Jean for making our wedding day my best day ever!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Mini - moon Destination: Estancia Hotel Resort

Because of time, budget and my hubby not having a passport, our dream honeymoon vacation in Maldives and even a long - hauled getaway in Taipei, Taiwan have to take a backseat. Comes the idea of taking mini-moons (i.e. short and within the country vacation after the big day). And for a starter, we didn't have to go any further (literally) since our first stop was the venue for our wedding ceremony and reception!
Our silver wedding package with Estancia Resort Hotel - Tagaytay comes with free two (2) nights stay at its first class, uniquely designed rooms like Santorini clusters or Executive Rows.
We opted for Executive Room because it is closer to the reception venue and is spacious enough for the wedding preps. The room has an air-conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold running water, telephones and minibar. But what I like most about our room is the private balcony, complete with sun loungers for alfresco eating and a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake and the lush and beautiful surroundings of Tagaytay.
It surely makes our first breakfast as a couple romantically blissful! And with the view of the Santorini, it gave us a feel of being away on a getaway in Europe.