Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Silly Selfie Moments

We have gone on dates everyday this week, and we made sure that whatever we do - stargazing or sunset viewing, or satisfying our cravings or just enjoying the good life, we take plenty of funny, silly Selfie photos!

As Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2013, Selfie which means "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website" is one inexpensive couple date idea you can try. We did it over and over again this week using the Nikon camera or the Lenovo smartphone that Raymond gave me last Christmas. We truly feel connected looking at those funny and silly photos!

Satisfying Our "S" Cravings on Wednesday Night (January 15, 2014)
As nocturnal beings while in Sta. Rosa, hubby and I headed to Nuvali at night to satisfy our "S" cravings! And before you get the "S" all wrong, it stands for Sisig, Starbucks' Choco Chip Cream and Seven Eleven's Hot Chocolate!

Cost: Sisig - P100, Starbucks Choco Chip Cream Venti - P180 and 7-Eleven's Hot Choco - P45!
Romantic Meter: Satisfying. The chill of the night makes you long for each other's embrace and taking the silly selfies get you feel even more connected (if not more techie resourceful lol)

Short- Trip To Tagaytay on Thursday Night (January 16, 2014)

We live about 15 minutes away from Tagaytay, a tourist destination and where we had our wedding ceremony! So tonight, we thought of driving there to satisfy my hubby's craving for "Bulalo". He loves beef esp. the bone marrow and missed it for a long time since I'm allergic to anything "beefy". The Tagaytay Mahogany Row Restos serve the best Bulalo according to hubby which you can get "solo" (P80) or "with the bone marrow". I feel good seeing my hubby enjoys his dinner, while I enjoy the free use of "wifi" there of all places lol. After dinner, we went to Sofia's Cake to pick up our wedding cake topper figurines that we have them fixed.

Cost: Bulalo with bone marrow (P350) & 3 order of rice (P45) for hubby.Half order of Adobo (P50) and rice (P15) for me! He had the rest of the Bulalo for 'take-out' which he ate for breakfast and lunch the next day.
Romantic Meter: Sugar high "sweetness" you won't need any dessert and sure way to fall in love all over again!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Stargazing and Sunset Watching

Our house in Sta. Rosa (near Nuvali)has an extra room and is much closer to the airport than our house in Valenzuela,so we decided to come here for the weekend to host my PhilAm friend Kami from Utah. She volunteers for a medical and relief mission for Yolanda victims and arrives in Manila on Friday night before proceeding to Cebu on Sunday night. But after seeing Kami off, we decided to just stay longer in Sta. Rosa to enjoy the chill and some peace and quiet. The result? We have gone on a nightly Smorgasbord(or a large mixture of many different) romantic dates instead of our usual once a week date - comedy movie and Wensha Spa pampering!

STARGAZING on Monday Night (January 13, 2014)

I got a text message from my friend Ver telling me to get out of the house and take a glance at the moon which we did. Wow! The moon has a halo around it which we found astonishing, so we threw a picnic mat on our lawn and reached for the camera for this one awesome date! Later, we learned from news and social media that the rare optical phenomenon is caused by sunlight refracted in millions of randomly oriented ice crystals in the atmosphere and usually happens during cold months to warn of a coming storm. To us though, this phenomenon made way for us to spend one romantic night outside the house just checking on the sky, the moon, the stars and of course – each other without any pretense!

Cost: Nothing.
Romantic Meter: Steamy High *wink *wink

SUNSET Watching on Tuesday Night(January 14, 2014)

We spent the whole day driving between Chinatown and Pasay to purchase and deliver the school packs that Kami and Help One Future are donating to students of Balangkayan Central Elementary School. Since we loaded a whole lot in our Sportivo, we were driving rather slow. At around 5:46pm, we found ourselves along Roxas Blvd. and whooah, a chance to view the Manila Bay Sunset!

We decided to stop at CCP Complex Harbour Square and enjoy a dimsum treat for half the price at Hap Chan (P350) and Banana Split at Icebergs (P198).

Cost: Sunset viewing is free.
Romantic Meter: High, as it comes with unlimited photo ops for those silly selfie pictures that makes us feel even more connected to each other.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Wensha Spa Pampering!

Since our first date night involves only the two of us enjoying a comedy movie, we chose a date that includes couple of friends for this week's date - pampering at Wensha Spa!

My friend Leily's flight back to US was at 6am of Wednesday and she needs to be at the airport at dawn. So instead of letting her wait alone and sleep at the aiport, I thought of inviting Leily and Jean to join me and Raymond for our weekly date. Leily's friend Walter happened to be in town so it's like a double - date with a third wheel. sorry Jean lol!

Why Is It Cost - Effective? WENSHA SPA is a 24/7 facility and there's one by the airport in front of World Trade Center in Pasay. For any service availed of, one could stay for eight (8) hours inside the facility (including the time of the availed services). So if you want a whole body massage,for example, you will pay P780which comes with a free use of steam bath, dry sauna, hot jacuzzi and cold whirlpool. It also comes with free provision of lockers with safety automated wristband locker key system, robes, shorts and towels (and there are toothbrushes, toothpastes, comb and lotion for free use). But that's not all! The P780 (or P680 for foot spa) also comes with a free complimentary food - an eat-all-you-can buffet of Shabu shabu and ready -to-eat Filipino dishes, bottomless juice drinks and ice cream,available anytime during the 8-hour stay.

Given Leily's early flight, going to Wensha Spa is a great idea since she goes home fully recharged and ready to start work right away with the relaxing whole body massage and she was able to sleep / rest after the massage. For our weekly date, this is very cost effective since it is much cheaper than what we would normally spend for our regular massage at TonTon's (P300), dinner (usually P400) and breakfast (usually P300) and accommodation at hotel (Sogo lol) to use their sauna and jacussi (P1,500 cheapest) and it has no steam bath!

Romantic and Fun?. It was FUN to the highest level! I love the time we are actually cooking with friends, serving each other [and getting naked among female friends at the jacussi] which removes my inhibitions when I'm with my husband. And oh yes, getting a simultaneous "rub" is truly romantic. Although Raymond and I were on separate rooms during the actual massage, we both know that we are getting the same strokes that we could both apply to each other when we are at home.

The night after our Wensha Spa pampering is to date our "best night" ever as a couple! SUCCESS Baby!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Watching A Comedy Movie!

"honey, there are far too many "lovely" fishes in the sea, but you're the one for me!- Raymond ".

That was our first date when we were sweethearts! Now that we are married, we vow to go on romantic dates once a week as part of our 2014 resolutions. But not just any dates but with a new twist - since the date has to still be romantic, fun, sweet but inexpensive or involves no money at all (to let us save for our escape fund!) So for our first date for the year - we watched My Little Bossings!

"hubby has now loosened up to take this romantic selfie after the movie"

Why Is It Cost - Effective? "My Little Bossings" is a family - oriented comedy movie entry for the Metro Manila Filmfest which featured Vic Sotto (the bossing) and the debut on movie screen of Ryzza Mae Dizon and Bimby Aquino (son of Kris Aquino who also starred in the movie). I was given two free passes by a co-alumnus of Pres. Sergio Osmena High School, which we exchanged for movie ticket at the SM North Edsa. We paid P6 for each ticket so that's only Php 12. For snacks - we have two (2) hotdog on sticks (for me!) and hubby got a hotdog sandwich for a total of Php 145. We splurged a little on drinks by having choco chip cream from a nearby Starbucks (just because I'm collecting stickers for a grab of 2014 Planner!). This cost us Php 330.

"Mhe-anne, You are my little bossing" - Raymond

Romantic and Fun? Oh - Yes! This was our "first" Pinoy movie together and we were laughing the whole time so we don't care if the story line is very simple or lack any depth. Who was looking for depth anyway? We just want to spend time together and get entertained and that exactly what happened! And it was easy to relate with the characters as evidenced by our conversation just before going to bed -

Mhe-anne: Ang ganda ng "My Little Bossings, ano honey?
Raymond: Yes, my little bossing!!! Haha.

He now calls me his little bossing or sometimes my cutie bossing! Sweet!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Vision Board: Goals As A Couple!

I wrote my new year's resolutions for 2014 which relate to hubby and our marriage. But aside from this blog post, there's nothing concrete to remind me of our goals. So for the sake of the forgetful me, I created our vision board.

Topping our vision board are "words and pictures" that relate to our financial goals - WEALTH! This 2014, both hubby and I are self - employed! It is a good thing because we can do business while taking our dream vacations. Then, as we gain more moneys from our businesses, we want to become better money managers by 1. having a budget 2. saving first 3. avoiding debts (we don't have any credit cards!)4. picking the best bank for our 4 separate bank accounts - one ATM account for our monthly budget / expenses, current account for monthly investments and mortgages, foreign account for our "escape fund" and another ATM account for our emergency fund; and 5. continue our Pag-Ibig savings even as self-employed!

Then for our other goals, I asked hubby five (5) questions which I found on the stack of papers while sorting my files in our mini library. I do not know the source of these questions so I don't know who to acknowledge. What I know is that I printed them years ago to ask during dates lol. Anyway, our common answers to these questions become "our goals"!

If You Could Travel To Another Country, Where Would You Want To Go? Definitely DUBAI! I have long wanted to go to Dubai when I was still single, but there was always a hindrance. I guess we can conquer Dubai double this time!

What Would Your Ideal Vacation Be? We want a picture - perfect holiday in Dubai checking in their treasured traditions or immersing each other in a totally unknown place. Or heart-pumping escapes in AUSTRALIA and JAPAN, both destinations I have been to before but I don't mind checking it out again with my hubby!

Since Wealth and Vacation goals are in for a long haul or a continuing goal year after year, we ask this question What Is Something You Would Like To Do As A Couple This Year? to have something more time - bound goals to work on! Our top 4 goals - 1. a BABY, a bundle of joy while we are still somewhat young; 2. a new TRUCK, possibly as a replacement of our 2010 Sportivo since we want to take our business to the destination of our dreams and D-Max fit us more than an SUV. Am I selling our Sportivo? Why not! We only need one car. 3. a new passport for hubby so we can go to Dubai, Australia or Japan. 4. more daring dates (hmm.I guess this still relate to the "baby". So the next question -

When You Think of Date Night, Which Date Stands Out The Most To You?. We love those dates where we share, talk, find time, eat to reconnect and nurture, learn, serve, give our best and celebrate each moment and interaction. Dates that do not cost much, but matters!

And last but not the least - What Is Something You Want To Accomplish Within Five Years? A Journey to Forever! getting sealed as a family for all time and eternity and a life full of happiness and prosperity!

Welcome 2014! We Are Ready For You!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions As Newlywed!

I love to make new year's resolutions when I was single, so I thought it would be good to continue making one now that I am married. Of course, my resolutions now include stuff that relates to hubby, our marriage and the wife I have always want to be - patient, fun and positive.

Being married for three (3) months and the experiences, challenges and moments we have had in those short period is my springboard to the items I want to accomplish in 2014! I shared some to hubby as its accomplishment depends heavily on him, and it would be good that he agrees or feels comfortable.

Relationship Goals
The ideas from No. 5 to 10 were taken from the Top Ten Suggested New Year's Resolution For Couples.

1. Cuddle everyday no matter what!

2. Schedule a weekly date - every Thursday night with hubby!

3. Work 8 hours a day only - and be a wife for the rest of the time!

4. Surprise hubby once a month.

5. Vow not to keep secrets from each other.

6. Only say positive things about your spouse to family and friends.

7. Flirt with each other.

8. Learn your partner’s “love language” and find some way to show him or her that you love her in your partner’s own love language.

9. Promise yourself that this is the year to learn forgiveness.

10. Start a gratitude journal. Every day, write one thing about your life together that you like and appreciate.

Financial Goals

1. Understand our finances and make a detailed list of expenses that we need to deal with. Decided on a budget and live with it!

2. Pay our respective tithing.

3. Go grocery shopping at S & R twice a month only!

4. Apply for new health insurance together with maternity benefits.

5. Have our "escape fund" for our honeymoon trip to Thailand.

6. Save 10% of our respective income.

7. Have an emergency fund.

Fun Goals

1. Get my hubby a passport.

2. Give hubby and myself a "once" a month time out with friends.

3. Attend temple weekly.