Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions As Newlywed!

I love to make new year's resolutions when I was single, so I thought it would be good to continue making one now that I am married. Of course, my resolutions now include stuff that relates to hubby, our marriage and the wife I have always want to be - patient, fun and positive.

Being married for three (3) months and the experiences, challenges and moments we have had in those short period is my springboard to the items I want to accomplish in 2014! I shared some to hubby as its accomplishment depends heavily on him, and it would be good that he agrees or feels comfortable.

Relationship Goals
The ideas from No. 5 to 10 were taken from the Top Ten Suggested New Year's Resolution For Couples.

1. Cuddle everyday no matter what!

2. Schedule a weekly date - every Thursday night with hubby!

3. Work 8 hours a day only - and be a wife for the rest of the time!

4. Surprise hubby once a month.

5. Vow not to keep secrets from each other.

6. Only say positive things about your spouse to family and friends.

7. Flirt with each other.

8. Learn your partner’s “love language” and find some way to show him or her that you love her in your partner’s own love language.

9. Promise yourself that this is the year to learn forgiveness.

10. Start a gratitude journal. Every day, write one thing about your life together that you like and appreciate.

Financial Goals

1. Understand our finances and make a detailed list of expenses that we need to deal with. Decided on a budget and live with it!

2. Pay our respective tithing.

3. Go grocery shopping at S & R twice a month only!

4. Apply for new health insurance together with maternity benefits.

5. Have our "escape fund" for our honeymoon trip to Thailand.

6. Save 10% of our respective income.

7. Have an emergency fund.

Fun Goals

1. Get my hubby a passport.

2. Give hubby and myself a "once" a month time out with friends.

3. Attend temple weekly.

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