Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Wensha Spa Pampering!

Since our first date night involves only the two of us enjoying a comedy movie, we chose a date that includes couple of friends for this week's date - pampering at Wensha Spa!

My friend Leily's flight back to US was at 6am of Wednesday and she needs to be at the airport at dawn. So instead of letting her wait alone and sleep at the aiport, I thought of inviting Leily and Jean to join me and Raymond for our weekly date. Leily's friend Walter happened to be in town so it's like a double - date with a third wheel. sorry Jean lol!

Why Is It Cost - Effective? WENSHA SPA is a 24/7 facility and there's one by the airport in front of World Trade Center in Pasay. For any service availed of, one could stay for eight (8) hours inside the facility (including the time of the availed services). So if you want a whole body massage,for example, you will pay P780which comes with a free use of steam bath, dry sauna, hot jacuzzi and cold whirlpool. It also comes with free provision of lockers with safety automated wristband locker key system, robes, shorts and towels (and there are toothbrushes, toothpastes, comb and lotion for free use). But that's not all! The P780 (or P680 for foot spa) also comes with a free complimentary food - an eat-all-you-can buffet of Shabu shabu and ready -to-eat Filipino dishes, bottomless juice drinks and ice cream,available anytime during the 8-hour stay.

Given Leily's early flight, going to Wensha Spa is a great idea since she goes home fully recharged and ready to start work right away with the relaxing whole body massage and she was able to sleep / rest after the massage. For our weekly date, this is very cost effective since it is much cheaper than what we would normally spend for our regular massage at TonTon's (P300), dinner (usually P400) and breakfast (usually P300) and accommodation at hotel (Sogo lol) to use their sauna and jacussi (P1,500 cheapest) and it has no steam bath!

Romantic and Fun?. It was FUN to the highest level! I love the time we are actually cooking with friends, serving each other [and getting naked among female friends at the jacussi] which removes my inhibitions when I'm with my husband. And oh yes, getting a simultaneous "rub" is truly romantic. Although Raymond and I were on separate rooms during the actual massage, we both know that we are getting the same strokes that we could both apply to each other when we are at home.

The night after our Wensha Spa pampering is to date our "best night" ever as a couple! SUCCESS Baby!!

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