Friday, March 21, 2014

Sixth Month -sary as a Couple: Candy!

Candy represents sweetness of love, Iron is indicative of strength and Wood symbolizes the solidness of relationships. These are the usual gifts for a sixth anniversaries. So on our sixth month as a couple, it was timely that we received our favorite candy  - a box of See's assorted chocolates!

Red and I love chocolates (the reason for ahmm our love handles. but let's just skip that part in this post lol). You can just imagine how thrilled we were to know that my
friend couple, Joel and Jacque Wright from Sacramento, California, have sent us a box of See's Famous Old Time Candies

"3-10-14.  Congratulations in your marriage. Xxx.
We are sending a gift which we hope you will enjoy"-Love Fred & Jacque
In the card attached to the chocolate box, they wrote that they had to select something small so as not to over burden Christine in bringing it to us. To Fred, Jacque and Christine, thank you for your sweet gift! We truly enjoyed them!  

And not only that! See's Famous Old Time Candies is such a fun assortment of amazing flavors of chocolate-covered nuts, creamy caramels and more, that come in different sizes and shapes, and made Mary See's way with no added preservatives. See's truly mirror the various sweet, nutty, pure love experiences we have as a couple during those six (6) months of togetherness. And like every piece of See's candies, every single day of our marital bliss is worth savoring!