Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peanut Butter: Finding Similarities in Differences!

Raymond and I are at the opposite ends of the pendulum in many ways esp. with food. He loves fish and beef while I'm allergic to them and get dizzy just by the fishy / beefy smell when being cooked. He craves for tocino, morcon and embutido when I can't really stand viands that have a bit of a sweet taste. Then I eat kimchi and sushi nori with every meal which he finds weird. Then he eats pandesal and I eat celeryOh wait. I'm erasing that part about pandesal and celery. I guess we just found a meeting point one night when we were looking for a snack! He grabbed some pandesal and I got some celery. Then  we both reached for - Peanut Butter!

Pandesal is a Filipino bread rolls which everyone in the Philippines eat for breakfast or snack, well, maybe except for me. I find it bland and has no distinct taste other than the taste of its filling - peanut butter, liver spread, chicken spread, jam or what have you. I haven't eaten a pandesal ever since I was a kid. Celery, on the other hand, is a snack I learned to love during my first trip to the US. My mission friend Dana Cummings brought lots of celery with peanut butter during our drive from Las Vegas to Page, Arizona. I got hooked since then with this healthy snack rich in fiber and protein! But back in the Philippines, it is weirdo to be eating raw veggie as a snack! 

So now, back to the Peanut Butter. Guess I'm gonna see lots of peanut butter in the pantry. More couple date nights. Less oppositions on food. But more meeting points! 

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