Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ninth Month-sary As A Couple: Leather!

The traditional ninth anniversary wedding gift is that of a pottery and willow while the modern counterpart is leather. And since we used pottery as a symbol of our eighth month-sary and we can't think of any willow gift ideas, we opted for anything leather for our ninth month-sary as a couple. 

Leather are sturdy, luxurious and rich-looking and this is what we strive our marriage to be when we celebrate our ninth year of marital bliss. So for our ninth month-sary thingy, we took a trip back to Volkswagen BGC for that "leather" touch. Nah, we are actually considering of buying a new car since our Isuzu Sportivo is already 4 - years old, and Red wants another test drive of the 2014 Jetta 2.0 TDI M/T Trendline!

The Jetta 2.0 TDI M/T Trendline looks elegant and classy, no doubt it is considered a luxurious, small saloon car in Europe and in other markets. Inside the Jetta, we were treated to a "leather" and Cardeol interior trim and a "leather" 3-spoke steering wheel, hand brake lever and gearshift knob! But that is not all. Red loves the comfortable driving experience! He said that it feels like driving a "race car" and yet remains very fuel efficient since the turbodiesel is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with Euro IV compliance. 

So although, I am opposed to owning a small car, I feel that I could make an exception for this Volkswagen variant! Its original price of Php 1.295 Million will be slashed off by almost Php 200 Thousand if we buy the Jetta before the promo ends this month. So, everybody, please have your fingers crossed for our ninth month-sary gift!

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  1. Photo finished! We were able to reserve and purchased the Jetta on June 30, 2014! I am thankful for Ms. Yeyet and Ms. Esther of Chinabank and Mr. Julius of Volkswagen and Mr. James who bought our Sportivo on the last day of the promo!!!