Monday, September 15, 2014

Breakfast Cereals on Ice Cream: Another Similarity in Differences!

by: Mhe-anne Ojeda - Isidro

As a newly married couple with completely different taste buds, I am very enthralled at finding another way Red and I could enjoy the same food together. Cereals on Ice Cream!

Cereal is a food made from processed grains usually eaten for breakfast with milk and fruits. My hubby Red loves this American bedrock breakfast meal and regularly buys the Kellogs Frosted Flakes or Frosties! On the contrary, I haven't eaten cereal since I was young because I am lactose intolerant and can't have milk. But since our "cereal" differences isn't so conflictual, we haven't really paid much attention to it for almost a year since we got married. 

But a few days before we hit our first "adjustment" year wedding anniversary, I am happy that we have a chance discovery on how we can enjoy cereals together. For dessert the other night, Red sprinkled the cereals over our favorite rocky road and double dutch ice cream (and topped with marshmallows). I initially thought it was odd to have those "cereals" on my fave frozen delight, but after tasting it, I scream "Yummy"! The cereals are crispy perfect for ice cream!  Now, I don't see anymore eyebrow raising when Red includes the Kellogs Frosties in our weekly grocery list because "They're GR-R-Reat!" 

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