Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eleventh Monthsary As A Couple: Steel

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda - Isidro

Steel is the traditional symbol of an eleventh wedding anniversary because of its of strength and durability. So for our eleven months of marriage, I was reminded of the Stainless Steel 4 Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons that we carry during our travel, as a fitting symbol for the last month-sary that we will be celebrating! (yea, next month  is already our first anniversary! yippee!!). Each Spoon has a heart - felt quote:

1 Tablespoon "A HEAP OF LOVE",
1/2 Teaspoon "A DASH OF TENDERNESS", &
1/4 Teaspoon "A PINCH OF JOY"
Since our eleventh month-sary (August 21) fell on a national holiday, the Ninoy Aquino Day, which means traffic and more traffic for us here in Manila, we decided to have a two - fold celebration

On Thursday, we just stayed home for a Just Married movie marathon that Won't Last A Day Without You (some movie titles!). We have all we need - a bunch of CDs we bought from the Video City branch that is closing down, a pack of Happy peanuts that Red loves and a bottle of Chamdor, an alcohol free sparkling grape juice that we bought days back. Except for the cork flying out -of - the - bottle –too- soon incident that hits Red's forehead and left us laughing to our heart’s content, I can say that it was the best date ever that didn't break the bank and didn't require us to drive or dress up! 
Then on Saturday, we went out on a date wearing our identical Hawaian tees. We attended a food tasting event hosted by Executive Gourmet (a catering company that I am considering to get for our organization's event), so it means we had a free lunch date!  After that we went to Caloocan, a haven for motorcycles. Red loves motorcycles and we are planning to buy one so we do not have to use the Volkswagen for small errands. We are considering either getting a Duke 390 (a big bike that can be used for SLEX and NLEX), a Madass Bike from Germany or a Visar (cheapest small motorcycle). While Red was doing a drive test, he brought me to Brillantes Spa salon for a haircut (with bangs!) and a pedicure. We ended the day with me shopping for more clothes and taking home four pieces!

These two celebrations look very simple and cheap to celebrate our eleventh (11th) month-sary. But to me, both times allowed us to be together outside of work and let us exhibits to each other a heap of love, a dash of tenderness, a spoonful of affection and a pinch of joy!