Sunday, June 21, 2015

21 on 21 and 21 Names I Call My Amazing Hubby!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda - Isidro

It's Out! My Husband Has 21 Other Aliases (read on...)

We are celebrating our 21 months of marital bliss today, June 21. Luckily this day coincides with Father's Day celebration, a choice opportunity to shower some love and presents and more love to the man in my life I call "honey" . But since my hubby Raymond is very difficult to buy gifts for, I am letting him (and everyone) know instead, that he is amazing and I am so grateful for all the things he does that made my life so much happier (& easier) 

So honey, here are 21 reasons why I say that the best "HUBBY" in the world belongs to me. Time for name calling ---

1. You are a Big Hugger. 
Thank you for always putting your big arms around me, 
for your welcoming embrace, and for finding time to snuggle against me
on a daily basis!

2. You are a Caretaker in every sense of the word.You care for me enough to just let me rest while you take care of the house' messy chores and the dirty dishes!

3. You are a Motivator. You encourage me to set goals and you motivate and support me until I tick it off my list. But when do we hit the gym? lol

4. You are an Elegant Driver(in this photo!).
But we both know you don't always dress like that, reason you love motorcycles. 
Anyhow, thank you so much for driving me safely and patiently to all my appointments and that what matters most!

5. You are my cheapest LaundromatThank you for always loving to do the laundry every week! You get the job done fast, clothes are clean and smell good, and payment is cheap - a kiss and a hug

6. You are my Superhero.Is your name Iron man because you are always behind the ironing board? 

7. You are A "Baby Sitter". 
You never fail put me to sleep on your arms at night !

8. You are my Interior Designer. You never tire moving the furniture around the condo, for a new look -- daily!

9. You are my Fashion Adviser.You just know what clothes or shoes to buy for me!

10.You are a Monster Tickler. 
Who's crying during our tickling sessions? lol
Thank you for your sense of humor and 
for always being up for a good laugh!

11. You are my Protector.Thank you for carrying heavy stuff, opening soda bottles with your strength, opening the door for me, getting that umbrella out when I get out of the car to protect me from the sun and the rain. And oh, I almost forgot, thank you for always reminding me of my supplements.

12. You are My Tall, Twin Sister. 
Being the only girl in the family, I have never been able to wear 
matching shirt, matching short, and flower in the ears with anyone else before. 
With you, all those are possible big time!
13. You are an enthusiastic Story Teller.What's the latest news on Kathryn Bernardo? lol

14. You are the Total Entertainer. You can sing, you can play the guitar, you can compose songs, and you can dance - sweet and very sweet! 

15.You are a Great Playmate!
Thank you for fun play time, giggling and joking around.

Makes it easier to handle the serious -not-so-fun stuff!

16. You are an Artist in the Kitchen. Such a great cook. Thank you for surprising me with a ready-to-eat breakfast you lovingly prepared!

17. You are my Savvy Handyman, a do - it- yourself repairman, plumber, electrician, carpenter and even a gardener! 

18.You are an awesome Travel Companion.
Be it a road trip, staycation, backpacking adventures,
business trips or our annual Summer and Anniversary travels,
you never tire being with me and carrying the luggage!
19. You are a True Leader by being the servant in our home.You lead by your selfless service and always taking the first move (at throwing the trash, doing the dishes, etc. lol).

20. You are my Best Friend.Thank you for giving up your job and becoming interested with mine, so you can help me. You always see to it that we spend time together,talk about things and have fun together like good friends do.

21. You are my King of Pops 
(that's coming from your daughter or grand daughter me! lol)
                           Thank you for being such a sweet dude with a sweet tooth!                                                            

And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to ALL wonderful husbands, dads, and brothers out there.

*all photos are taken by Alain and Azon Tagpuno.