Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Watching A Comedy Movie!

"honey, there are far too many "lovely" fishes in the sea, but you're the one for me!- Raymond ".

That was our first date when we were sweethearts! Now that we are married, we vow to go on romantic dates once a week as part of our 2014 resolutions. But not just any dates but with a new twist - since the date has to still be romantic, fun, sweet but inexpensive or involves no money at all (to let us save for our escape fund!) So for our first date for the year - we watched My Little Bossings!

"hubby has now loosened up to take this romantic selfie after the movie"

Why Is It Cost - Effective? "My Little Bossings" is a family - oriented comedy movie entry for the Metro Manila Filmfest which featured Vic Sotto (the bossing) and the debut on movie screen of Ryzza Mae Dizon and Bimby Aquino (son of Kris Aquino who also starred in the movie). I was given two free passes by a co-alumnus of Pres. Sergio Osmena High School, which we exchanged for movie ticket at the SM North Edsa. We paid P6 for each ticket so that's only Php 12. For snacks - we have two (2) hotdog on sticks (for me!) and hubby got a hotdog sandwich for a total of Php 145. We splurged a little on drinks by having choco chip cream from a nearby Starbucks (just because I'm collecting stickers for a grab of 2014 Planner!). This cost us Php 330.

"Mhe-anne, You are my little bossing" - Raymond

Romantic and Fun? Oh - Yes! This was our "first" Pinoy movie together and we were laughing the whole time so we don't care if the story line is very simple or lack any depth. Who was looking for depth anyway? We just want to spend time together and get entertained and that exactly what happened! And it was easy to relate with the characters as evidenced by our conversation just before going to bed -

Mhe-anne: Ang ganda ng "My Little Bossings, ano honey?
Raymond: Yes, my little bossing!!! Haha.

He now calls me his little bossing or sometimes my cutie bossing! Sweet!!

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