Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcoming 2017 With Our BIG Take on Location Independence Lifestyle!

We bid adieu to 2016 with travels around 10 US States,Brazil,Peru and Costa Rica 

We came to the United States in mid- December 2015 for what was intended to be a six - week vacation that will allow us to find "leather" or "crystal" - inspired travel destinations for our advance 3rd-wedding anniversary celebration. Since all Philippine courts are on recess during the holiday and the whole month of January, Red and I envisioned ourselves of being in Utah to experience the Greatest Snow on Earth rush, the snow being like "crystal" the modern symbol of a 3 - year marital bliss; then in Arizona for the feel of the Old West since "leather" is the traditional symbol for our anniversary. Instead, we conquered the Americas - North (United States), South (Brazil and Peru) and Central (Costa Rica) and racked up our numbers in travels to an unprecedented record high -flown  38 flights, 4 round trip flights to the US from the Philippines, visited 10 US States, taken 11  road trips around the US West Coast, and now back in the US, still traveling.  

Achieving our 12 highs in 2016 (click the link for our best year in travels)-- certainly was unexpected, and unplanned. It just sort of happened. And without ever having meant to do it, we've began a location independent lifestyle last year - a lifestyle where we maintain a virtual law office and run the business online with a laptop in tow from anywhere in the world! And we LOVE it! 

So in 2017, we are continuing our location independent lifestyle! And we chose the BIG "O" for Orange County in California as our base. At exactly 1 o'clock in the morning of January 1, 2017 we moved to our rented place in Costa Mesa, California after welcoming the new year at Tony Ps Dockside Grill in Marina del ReyThat again is the beauty of being location independent - we get to move anytime to a place where the weather is nicer, the food is tastier, and the BEACH is closer. Yes, we live just 5 minutes from the Newport Beach!

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