Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Pre-Nup Shoot in Boracay!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

We can't have the wedding as planned and didn't want to waste the plane tickets for that "supposedly" honeymoon trip in Boracay and Bacolod. The result? A Do -It-Yourself Pre - Nuptial Shoot last June 13-18, 2013. Thanks to my friend Arlene for the D5100 Nikon Camera with remote and Alain for lending us the tripod.

Boracay is a tiny island located on the western part of Visayas, in the province of Aklan. It was voted as the Best Island in the World and is a very popular venue for engagements, weddings, and prenuptial shoot because of its powdery white sand, crisp cool blue waters and stunning sunset!

Day 1 - Bulabog Beach ["Number 1 Kiteboarding Beach in Asia"]
Time of Shoot: around 5pm
Outfit: Yellow Polo shirt from a certain store in Shoppesville, Greenhills
Make - Up: None on both except Forever sunscreen

Bulabog Beach is busy and colorful during Habagat season (from June to October) with all types of boating, jet skis, helmet diving and parasailing activities, since the wind blows "westward" onto the famous White Beach. Our accommodation, La Oviedo, was only a stone's throw away so this was our first stop for the pre-nup shots! 

I chose this spot to take our picture because of the Philippine flags which is our motif colors, the sailboats (that symbolizes journey) at the background and the Forever mesh bag Red happened to be carrying that time. Red and I met on Independence Day in 1991 while I was waiting to participate at a  motorcade rally against U.S. Bases at Vinzons Hall in UP Diliman campus. Red was jogging along with his brother whom I recognized as LDS. They invited me to jog along with them and that was the start of our journey to forever (with 22 years of detour  lol). 

I remembered my friend photographer's advice: Touches!

Haven't seen Red with a smile this BIG!  He was surprised to find me so heavy and we couldn't help laughing as I clicked the remote lol

I like this because of the musical note on the sailboat!  Red and I shared passion for music, although he has the talent and I don't lol. He has such a good voice and plays the guitar very well. We attended lots of concerts by OPM rock bands and I particularly like the Band Explosion concert just before Red left for his mission to Cagayan de Oro in September 1991. While he was asking me if I will wait for him after his two (2) - year mission, the Hayp band sang "I'll Wait For You". (click to listen) and he asked me if that was my answer. I didn't say anything but smiled...


I'll wait for you
For how long it takes
Baby, I'll wait for you
Believe in me, baby / You gotta believe it


Baby, I know how life's been unkind to you
Surely you've seen the baddest times of your life
I'm not in a position to change
What has transpired, no

(Baby/Honey) I saw you and I knew what's on your mind
Somethin's hangin' that has got to be (cut loose)
Only you can make it happen if you decide
I want you to know

Some things, you just got to do for yourself
I'll be there just to see you through
I must confess, baby, I'll help
In any little way I can

Now I'm sure Red knew my answer! I can't believe how this song sounded exactly how our love
story unfolded - 22 years of separation and knowing what he had gone through!
So we say, Cheers to that!

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