Monday, October 13, 2014

First Anniversary Travel: Taipei Zoo

By: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda - Isidro

Taipei Zoo is the first ever zoo that we visited as a couple and I could say that it will be a "hard act to follow" since it is one of the largest and well - kept zoos I have ever seen during my own travel world wide. It is located on the far end of Taipei City, and occupied about 90 hectares of sloping land set against the backdrop of high hills and lush greenery. The entrance is only NT$ 60 (so really very cheap!).

The Taipei Zoo is divided into different zones based on their habitats and climates - Desert and Outback, Asian Tropical Rainforest, African animals, Temperate Zone, Formosan animals, Noctornal and Bird World. The crowd favorites are the Pandas, Koalas and Penguins and these are kept in glass enclosures. The Panda crowds are managed by having a ticket and you have 20 minutes to go around following a large group. All the other attractions can be enjoyed at your leisure. Our favorites are the King penguins, red pandas, and the rare species which I have seen for the first time like macaque, emu, addax, serow, moccasin, lynx, raccoons, pumas, civet.

Red and I totally enjoyed all the attractions inside the zoo! Also, we collected another first wedding anniversary gift - pictures with the animal - themed music clock. The animals on the clock are the twelve (12) Formosan Animals like the (12) Water buffalo, (11) Formosan wild boar, (10) Formosan serow, (9) Formosan mountain dog, (8) Fomosan rock macaque, (7) Chinese leopard cat, (6) Formosan hare, (5) Mikado pheasant, (4) Red - bellied tree squirrel, (3) Chinese moccasin, (2) Formosan stripe dace, and (1) Elegant Five - lined skink.

There are two (2) strategy to be able to visit the whole zoo in 3 to 4 hours. Our group took the Maokong Gondola to the top of the hills, then took the tram to see the Giant Panda enclosure and checked all the other areas at leisure. The other way is the reverse - enter at the main Taipei Zoo entrance then take the tram to the Penguin house first, and walk up to the African, Australian, Asian Rainforest and then the Pandas and reserve the Maokong Gondola ride to enjoy the sunset on the mountain.

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