Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My First Christmas Gift To My Hubby!

My Husband and I have only been married for a little over three (3) months so it's our first Christmas as a couple! I thought long and hard for the gift that will carry through our whole marriage. But since the gifts we purchased for our wedding were hard enough to come up with, I went for a gift that is simple, inexpensive, something I can put under our Christmas tree but definitely something he loves! What fits the bill?

My hubby loves Trailmix - the candy-coated chocolates (M & M's kinda!), peanuts, dark raisins, and almonds we got from S & R. We served them during our wedding reception and my hubby loves it so much. It has become his favorite snack!

So I wrapped a pack of Trailmix in Christmas wrapper, included my favorite wedding picture of us with a letter giving him hint of what he is getting.

Postcript: Hubby opened his gift in our bedroom, and claimed his most wonderful elf wifey this Christmas! (wink* wink*)

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