Monday, September 30, 2013

Alternative To Bouquet Throw & Garter Toss: Human Chairs!

Since there’s always a little risk for the lads and lasses determined to get the garter and bouquet in their clutches, we threw the idea of bouquet and garter throwing haha. Nah, seriously, because of our ages, our "not so young" single friends at our wedding reception may find it awkward to be invited to join in the traditional bouquet and garter throws. Besides, it would be quite difficult to throw my magic wand bouquet at that!
So, we played the HUMAN CHAIRS instead. And we're so glad we did!
We called the Groomsmen [who was supposed to approach the stage dancing “Gentlemen”]and called in the Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor who danced to the tune of "All the Single Ladies".
We asked the men to form a circle and to be in a sitting position as if they are “proposing”. Music is played. The ladies go around the circle while dancing and when the music stops, the ladies have to sit on the men’s lap. The lady who doesn't have a seat have to leave the dance floor, and will pull one of the single guys to leave, and so on until only two girls left. The last girl who is not able to sit on the last guy's lap receives the bouquet and she picks a single guy of her choice who should receive the garter.
Ping Olivare was the last girl standing and her chosen partner is Jomar Ramiso. Let's see if they will be the next to tie the knot!!

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