Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guestbook Alternative: Guitar

Our Guitar Guestbook Alternative

Music played an important part of our dating years. Raymond used to bring me to Yamaha World Band Explosion concerts in 1991. He is also a lead soloist of the band Radio Crave and plays the guitar very well. When we met again last year (July 2012), he serenaded me and composed songs for me that truly brought back memories of yesteryears. To incorporate music in our wedding events, I thought of a Guitar as Guestbook alternative.

Bridesmaid Aimee Fernandez with our Guitar Guestbook.
 Picture taken by Groomsman Mc Joseph Casimiro
I have an old guitar I wasn't using much but didn't want to let go, do the trick. Then got some pens from National Bookstore that could write on all surfaces like wood. Viola, I have a guestbook that doesn't cost anything but was a sure hit! 

Our Guitar Guestbook Always Put Us In Tune!

More, I don't need to find a place where to store it since I can line it up with Raymond's guitars and could right away reminisce our big day!

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