Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Wedding Photo Wall

Despite our small wedding budget, Raymond and I wanted our big day to be unique and memorable by incorporating wedding elements that would easily jump a recall to our guests. So instead of opting for photo booths which I've seen in almost all of my friends celebrations and not just weddings, I was drawn to the idea of having a personalized wedding photo wall!!
Photo Walls are quite common in many foreign weddings I've read about, but haven't really seen one here in the Philippines, at least at the weddings I have attended.
I was very happy that our ninong Pert Delacruz of Jopers Inc.(who gifted us our framed wedding invitations) just knows exactly how to construct an amazing photo wall. And he made it for us for free!
Ms. Lyra Paz immediately sent me two wallpaper designs to choose from. It was exactly what I have in mind, different picture frames design that matches our framed wedding invitation that Delfin (also of Jopers Inc.) have made for us. We chose the pink shade wallpaper and just requested to indicate the words A JOURNEY TO FOREVER Raymond & Mhe-anne September 21, 2013 Tagaytay, Philippines in the final lay out.
Our photo wall was a sure hit! Many guests have told me that it was such a great idea and their first time to see a photo wall on weddings!
For those who would like to have a wedding photo wall constructed (not for free of course haha), you may visit JOPERS INC.. Their fifteen years experience in advertizing and working with wood, acrylic,plastic, metal, wire, and multimedia assures you of a creation that are of great impact just like our personalized Wedding Photo Wall that stand out at our big day!

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