Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Vision Board: Goals As A Couple!

I wrote my new year's resolutions for 2014 which relate to hubby and our marriage. But aside from this blog post, there's nothing concrete to remind me of our goals. So for the sake of the forgetful me, I created our vision board.

Topping our vision board are "words and pictures" that relate to our financial goals - WEALTH! This 2014, both hubby and I are self - employed! It is a good thing because we can do business while taking our dream vacations. Then, as we gain more moneys from our businesses, we want to become better money managers by 1. having a budget 2. saving first 3. avoiding debts (we don't have any credit cards!)4. picking the best bank for our 4 separate bank accounts - one ATM account for our monthly budget / expenses, current account for monthly investments and mortgages, foreign account for our "escape fund" and another ATM account for our emergency fund; and 5. continue our Pag-Ibig savings even as self-employed!

Then for our other goals, I asked hubby five (5) questions which I found on the stack of papers while sorting my files in our mini library. I do not know the source of these questions so I don't know who to acknowledge. What I know is that I printed them years ago to ask during dates lol. Anyway, our common answers to these questions become "our goals"!

If You Could Travel To Another Country, Where Would You Want To Go? Definitely DUBAI! I have long wanted to go to Dubai when I was still single, but there was always a hindrance. I guess we can conquer Dubai double this time!

What Would Your Ideal Vacation Be? We want a picture - perfect holiday in Dubai checking in their treasured traditions or immersing each other in a totally unknown place. Or heart-pumping escapes in AUSTRALIA and JAPAN, both destinations I have been to before but I don't mind checking it out again with my hubby!

Since Wealth and Vacation goals are in for a long haul or a continuing goal year after year, we ask this question What Is Something You Would Like To Do As A Couple This Year? to have something more time - bound goals to work on! Our top 4 goals - 1. a BABY, a bundle of joy while we are still somewhat young; 2. a new TRUCK, possibly as a replacement of our 2010 Sportivo since we want to take our business to the destination of our dreams and D-Max fit us more than an SUV. Am I selling our Sportivo? Why not! We only need one car. 3. a new passport for hubby so we can go to Dubai, Australia or Japan. 4. more daring dates (hmm.I guess this still relate to the "baby". So the next question -

When You Think of Date Night, Which Date Stands Out The Most To You?. We love those dates where we share, talk, find time, eat to reconnect and nurture, learn, serve, give our best and celebrate each moment and interaction. Dates that do not cost much, but matters!

And last but not the least - What Is Something You Want To Accomplish Within Five Years? A Journey to Forever! getting sealed as a family for all time and eternity and a life full of happiness and prosperity!

Welcome 2014! We Are Ready For You!

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