Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Couple Date Nights: Stargazing and Sunset Watching

Our house in Sta. Rosa (near Nuvali)has an extra room and is much closer to the airport than our house in Valenzuela,so we decided to come here for the weekend to host my PhilAm friend Kami from Utah. She volunteers for a medical and relief mission for Yolanda victims and arrives in Manila on Friday night before proceeding to Cebu on Sunday night. But after seeing Kami off, we decided to just stay longer in Sta. Rosa to enjoy the chill and some peace and quiet. The result? We have gone on a nightly Smorgasbord(or a large mixture of many different) romantic dates instead of our usual once a week date - comedy movie and Wensha Spa pampering!

STARGAZING on Monday Night (January 13, 2014)

I got a text message from my friend Ver telling me to get out of the house and take a glance at the moon which we did. Wow! The moon has a halo around it which we found astonishing, so we threw a picnic mat on our lawn and reached for the camera for this one awesome date! Later, we learned from news and social media that the rare optical phenomenon is caused by sunlight refracted in millions of randomly oriented ice crystals in the atmosphere and usually happens during cold months to warn of a coming storm. To us though, this phenomenon made way for us to spend one romantic night outside the house just checking on the sky, the moon, the stars and of course – each other without any pretense!

Cost: Nothing.
Romantic Meter: Steamy High *wink *wink

SUNSET Watching on Tuesday Night(January 14, 2014)

We spent the whole day driving between Chinatown and Pasay to purchase and deliver the school packs that Kami and Help One Future are donating to students of Balangkayan Central Elementary School. Since we loaded a whole lot in our Sportivo, we were driving rather slow. At around 5:46pm, we found ourselves along Roxas Blvd. and whooah, a chance to view the Manila Bay Sunset!

We decided to stop at CCP Complex Harbour Square and enjoy a dimsum treat for half the price at Hap Chan (P350) and Banana Split at Icebergs (P198).

Cost: Sunset viewing is free.
Romantic Meter: High, as it comes with unlimited photo ops for those silly selfie pictures that makes us feel even more connected to each other.

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